About me

Though I was born in San Diego, California, I spent most of my life living in my NorCal home in Stockton, CA. While the city has, over the years, earned a bad reputation for itself, I still admire the diversity of communities living here. My interactions with the various cultures in the city has helped raised me to be a very open-minded citizen, and I am thankful of that.

I don’t know how many people get into journalism, but in my case I was attracted to journalism so I can be the first to cover events and review the latest gadgets and toys. After spending three years being a part of my high school paper, the national award-winning “Stagg Line,” I’ve learned to appreciate the sense of giving back to my local community by means of providing relevant information. Journalism no longer meant spoiling myself to the perks of the job, but the civic duty to inform the public became my motivation.

While attending community college at San Joaquin Delta College, I wanted to be more active in journalism. I stepped up to opportunities for freelance writing for the local newspaper and various online web sites. I learned how to better my pagination and layout design skills. HTML and basic web work sparked my interests. Participating at the college radio station was fun and fruitful. Even though acquiring all of these skills helped me earn the title of Editor-in Chief of the student newspaper, it wasn’t until I landed this position that I finally found out how intense management and eventually marketing skills are hard to pick up. If the saying “you reap what you sow” is any true, I feel that my harvest can yield bountiful results.

IMDBunao is a written by myself, Daryl Bunao, a student and aspiring journalist. Created in 2010, IMDBunao is a collection of my personal experience with journalism with occasional criticisms. The original intent for IMDBunao is to ensure a passing grade in my mass communication classes (just being real), but I find real value in maintaining this for future employment.


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